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PapaJohn's Training and Support Services

Photography and video have been life-long hobbies, and as a 13-year Microsoft MVP awardee, providing services to Movie Maker and Photo Story users is now my career...

I provide free support on facebook, websites and forums, along with daily email responses. There are also free downloadable items such as custom profiles for Movie Maker and Photo Story from my website at

Private Fee-Based Training and Consulting Sessions

To schedule a paid support or training session at the usual rate of $75 an hour (partial time is pro-rated)... email me at

I'm in the Eastern time zone of the USA. My work day usually starts about 1 pm.... and ends about 3 am... 7 days a week. I'll setup a remote computer session as needed and do the calling.

This PayPal 'Buy Now' button makes it easy for us both. With either a PayPal or charge card account, you can fill in the two blanks... the item being purchased (multimedia services is fine) and the amount.

Beyond free support, there are many fee-based products and services to help you capture, preserve, edit and share digital memories.

Training/Support Service....

It's an online 'virtual' working session. After a quick and easy setup of the 'GoToMeeting' software on your computer, which I guide you through, we then work together at your place or mine for an hour, or flip back and forth. It's totally devoted to whatever it is you want to learn or explore... I don't have a canned package to present.

We can jointly work on a movie or story project, have a training or problem solving session, look at Windows setups... or just have some interactive fun. Here are the usual steps: Send an email (papajohn at chartermi dot net) so we can plan a convenient time for the session.

I'll setup a 'virtual internet meeting' from my end, and invite you by email. The email will provide the link for you to setup the meeting software. When our computers are connected, I'll call you on the phone so we can talk for the hour as we work together. You can preplan the session, or we can do it impromptu.

The fee is $75 for a one hour session, prorated for shorter or longer ones... payment is via the PayPal 'BuyNow' button above or below, which accepts credit cards or PayPal accounts.

Here's what a session looks like from my Windows XP laptop when I'm using DVD Maker on my desktop's Vista system. In this case it's my laptop, but it could just as easily be your computer in such a 'virtual' arrangement.... most of the time it's your computer that I'm seeing on mine, with both of us using the keyboard and mouse.


I've used the Citrix-based GoToMeeting software many times and find it works easily and well on all windows systems....


Services include:

Fee-based work is done to your schedule, and at your location if desired.

If you have a short or long project that involves getting your multimedia items into the digital environment, editing them there, and distributing, and are willing to pay for assistance, contact me by e-mail first ( and I'll help you define the scope of the project...

My standard hourly fee is $75 an hour + direct expenses, or a fixed price for the project, whichever you prefer.

Use this PayPal button or contact me to make other arrangements for payment...

The products above are those I personally sell.

My website has many links to other items that I don't own, distribute or sell. Some share proceeds from clicks or purchases but most don't.