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Windows Movie Maker has been my primary video editing and publishing software for 16 years. Microsoft announced the latest version 2012 is no longer supported as of January 10, 2017. Look for help elsewhere.

They also announced they will release something on the company store for Windows 10 users... we don't know yet what it will be or when it'll be available.

My Windows Movie Maker Group on facebook will continue to be open for all. Browse, make comments, or ask questions about Movie Maker and other video editing tools.

Most of my personal videos are online at vimeo... click any of these thumbnails to see them

In a movie you can mix reality and imagination in amazing ways. Your memories, interests, passions and motivation are the keys, followed by hardware, software, and your skills using them. It's never too early or late to begin... jump in and enjoy!! If you're new to editing video be ready for lots of learning.

Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker is a basic movie editing app... use it to learn and do small fun projects. Then try other software for more advanced features... or, if it's sufficient for your needs, stay with Movie Maker.

A movie can be a 6 second 'vine' clip, a one minute 'Movie Moment', or a 3 hour Hollywood production. Making it can involve a variety of different hardware and software. Plan your project by starting with your goal and working backwards through the steps needed to make it. Test each step before commiting lots of time. There are usually many ways to do something... use what's comfortable for you.

Movie Maker reached its peak of features in Vista. Since then it has been streamlined to align more with modern apps on mobile devices, leaving full-featured software to others such as Nero and TechSmith.

After 13 years of my website focusing on all versions of Microsoft Movie Maker I'll wind it down slowly as the existing info becomes too obsolete to be useful.

Your Movie Project...

Start by thinking about how you'll show your movie and work backwards about the steps needed to get it there. If there's anything new to you, do a small quick easy test or pilot project to check it.

The Movie Project Content...

The sources of the project content might be from any or all of the following...


Basic info about newer versions of Movie Maker (WLMM, MM2011, MM2012) is covered at

Windows Movie Maker (Windows Live Movie Maker, MM2011, MM2012)

Use online websites, groups and forums for support... some of the key ones I use daily are:

Microsoft Community

Microsoft Community Forums provide some support from other Movie Maker users. Here's a set of direct links to those of most interest...

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