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193 weekly newsletters were published from May 2004 to March 2008, and other articles written for Bright Hub from 2007 to 2011. This page is a table of contents with links to all of them.

In mid-December 2011 Bright Hub closed their 'shared success' program and my Hubfolio items moved here.

With the end of Microsoft's support for the newest version 2012 I'll start a new series of newsletters.

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As newsletters and articles were published, links were added to the hundreds of pages of this website, but without a table of contents or index.

Newsletters and Bright Hub Articles

For ease of finding one, or reading all of them about a particular item, I'll sort them by topic. Hopefully, it'll save you having to use the Google search feature.

Knowledge and Skills

Digital video editing can be fun, easy, challenging, frustrating, or impossible... with the only thing different being your knowledge, skills and motivation.

Hardware and software changes. Get your basic knowledge and skills down and you can easily keep up with the changes.


Reviews, tutorials and other articles about Movie Maker, Photo Story and other apps in your software toolbox. You can't have too many.

Video editing...

Windows Live Movie Maker... a series of articles about the direction of Movie Maker beyond Vista.

Windows 7 doesn't include Movie Maker... here are things you can do

Audio editing... can't do without it

Codecs, Encoders, Converters and Assessment Tools



Newsletters and articles about hardware or how it connects


There are lots of ways to distribute or save your finished stories and movies.

Discs... the classic path... DVDs and CDs

Online... the growing newer path... YouTube and others