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Newsletter #107 - June 11, 2006

the 307 Video Effects on my Laptop



With the Photo Story 3 tutorial for MaximumPC completed, I'm back to editing the Renaissance wedding footage and planning our trip to Europe. 
The wedding videos can use a sprinkling of video effects and transitions, and I've got so many to pick from on my laptop that decided to use this issue as a good excuse to catalog them a bit better...
My HP laptop currently has 307 video effects on it. As you can mix and match as many as 6 effects on each clip, that gives me over 837 trillion possible combinations for each clip in a project. Per my calculator, there are
837,201,991,720,249 possibilities
If that's not enough, I can always make another custom one, using an xml file. This digital world of video editing is truly amazing.
Weighing in at about 1-1/2 MB in file size, this wins the prize for the largest newsletter... but it probably also wins an award for the fewest words. I just wanted a good visual catalog to scan when I'm thinking about special effects.
... before getting into it further, a few short notes...

Vista Corner... I get an error message when I try to preview a Photo Story 3 project on it. Other than that it works OK making and rendering stories, and playing them in WMP.
Another follow-up note about my first for-sale video on Google Video... submitted on May 3... the current status is still "Video is verified; stay tuned - it will be live shortly"... that's over a month now,  and still waiting.
I can use any and all suggestions about Istanbul... anyone familiar with the Sarnic Hotel where we have reservations? Will I be able to video inside museums, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, etc...
I thought the Maximum PC tutorial was done.... but I got a last minute request to give them the story to include in the disc going out with the magazine. As a real story wasn't part of the agreement, I didn't have anything more than what was needed to take screen shots for the pictures. Of course I whipped one up.
.... back to the main topic...

Video Effects on my Laptop
Let's start by going backwards.... to get from my 307 effects to the 28 that came with the basic version of Movie Maker 2. If you know the right folder to toggle, turning the extras off and on is easy.
When I write books or magazine articles, I often need to turn things off to be able to get screen shots of selected items. We can do it in 3 steps.
Step 1 - Rename the AddOnTFX folder for MM2, the folder typically used by those providing extra effects packages, and those using custom xml files. I did it by adding 'removed' to the end of the Rename AddOnTFX Folderfolder name.
If you do it with Movie Maker open, you won't see a change as all the info in the folder goes into your system's memory as Movie Maker starts up... but, by opening MM2 after doing it, it'll skip over this renamed folded.
The 307 effects I started with went down to 58 with this one rename, but still 30 more than the starter pack of 28 MM2 video effects.
Step 2 - Rename MM1 AddOnTFX FolderRename the AddOnTFX folder for MM1... the first Adorage package for Movie Maker 2 uses that folder for its 16 effects. By renaming it the same way, the number of installed effects went down to 42.
The two new Adorage packages use the MM2 AddOnTFX folder, so they were already moved aside by step 1.
Step 3 - Rename the MUI\0409\AddOnTFX folder... which has a DLL and Extra AddOnTFX FolderXML file for 14 pan/zoom effects on my laptop because it's a Media Center Edition system.
That gets my laptop down to the core set of 28 that's on all versions of MM2. I'll skip over those 28, as I've covered them in the Zero to Hero and Do Amazing Things books... and you're more than familiar with them.
With the slate clean, I'll bring the packages back into MM2 one at a time to see which of the effects belongs to which package or file, and take pictures of them for the newsletter. 

The 14 pan/zoom effects on MCE systems...
It's a handy set that I use a lot... mostly for cropping the area of interest in a clip to move something not wanted in the scene out of the way, without having to take the source file to VirtualDub for cropping.
Pans and Zooms for MCE

The first Adorage Movie Maker 2 Package... contains 16 effects, 11 of which are frames or windows of some sort. A few... the Magnifier, Streamer and The End are dynamic in that movement is applied.
Adorage - Package 1

249 of the effects are toggled off and on by renaming the main AddOnTFX folder under Movie Maker... that folder has 51 xml files, each of which having one or more effects, transitions or title overlays.
I've explored different ways of managing this library. For this newsletter, I created another folder named AddOnTFX Library at the same level as the AddOnTFX... and moved the 51 xml files to it. That results in Movie Maker not finding them at startup... and I can copy them from the library one at a time to see what shows up in Movie Maker when I do.
I left all the DLL and other files in the folder. Without the xml files that call on them, they aren't involved.
Let's run down them in alphabetical order. I'll include links to the websites for each...
The recently released Adorage mm-maker 03 xml file has 44 effects.
PapaJohn Effects
Lots of XMLCustom xml files go in this folder too.
As the xml files can be for transitions or title overlays also, I'll spay paint those in the file list that are not for video effects.
For the xml files that are for effects, I'll copy them into the AddOnTFX folder one at a time, and take snapshots. Some are pretty well represented by their thumbnails. Others are better seen by new snapshots of what the effects look like on the sample file that comes with Movie Maker.
The Adorage #3 one was covered above. Let's go down the rest of them in alphabetical order...
The FunPackFx.xml has the snowflakes effect...
HitTheBongo does as professional a job on special effects as anyone. Here's his Symbol Set 1.
Hit The Bongo
Persian Gal EffectsTwo of the Persian Gal's xml files are for effects... they are made by going to the Editing Movies > XML - Persian section of my website and copying the xml code.  
One of them is a Picture-in-Picture effect with the clip that it's applied to being 1/4 size in the upper right.
The other says it's Whatever You Like... it takes your transparent Logo.png file and overlays it on the clip.
Rehan's PIP+ package includes 8 dynamic effects and an overlay flower wreath. The 4 pan/zoom ones have too much action for me to show them any better than his thumbnails.
Rehan's PIP Plus

Pixelan has a number of packages for Movie Maker 2... I have 9 of them on my laptop with video effects. Here's the visual listing of what's in them.
Bonus Filter Pack
Pixelan Bonus Filter Pack
Bonus Pack
Pixelan Bonus Pack
Contrast Pack
Pixelan Contrast Pack
Filter New Pack
Pixelan Filter New Pack
Filter Pack
Pixelan Filter Pack
Frame Pack
Pixelan Frame Pack
Pan Zoom New Pack
Pixelan Pan Zoom New Pack
Pan Zoom Pack
Pixelan Pan Zook Pack
Plus TransFX
Plus TransFX

Conclusions and Closing
The forums at have lots of custom xml code being passed around... there's no conclusion or closing, new ones keep being developed and shared. There isn't a centralized complete library of the custom developed ones.
Next week's issue will be similar but about the video transitions on my laptop.  

Have a great week...