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About Windows Movie Maker

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Online Movie Hosts

I use 4 online hosts: vimeo, facebook, YouTube, and my website at 1&1. I have other accounts such as Flickr but don't use them.

Tips and Tricks......

1. When you upload a video to an online service, they usually convert it to another file type with different quality settings. For example, if I upload HD1080 sized videos to vimeo, they convert it to HD720.

As it takes time for the service to convert the uploaded files to different file types and settings, they provide a lower quality one for initial viewing, until the higher quality ones are available. Vimeo is good about telling you that the HD version is being encoded while you watch a standard quality one.

2. High def files for those in NTSC countries (like the USA) have different frame rates than those in PAL countries (such as the U.K.). Out of the box, the newer line of Movie Maker versions include quality profiles for NTSC users (29.97 frames per second). PAL users need to make their own custom profiles to align their movie projects with the frame rates of their source files (i.e. 25 fps) for smoother playback.