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As the popularity of Movie Maker and Photo Story grows, there will be more online galleries, video samples, video hosting services, and exhibitions.

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Video Doodle...

Between more serious tasks, I often doodle in video, using Movie Maker and Photo Story. Here's a link to my latest one... it's playing, not serious, not meant to be anything more than experientially exploring and learning.

My Latest Video Doodle - mix of story and movie clips

It's easier to do some neat things in Photo Story 3 than in Movie Maker.... but Movie Maker is where you put all the pieces together. In this doodle I'm playing with a window theme, a simplistic one made in IrfanView and Paint.

Galleries and Contests

Video Contests are great to check and enhance your editing skills.

Video Samples

Neo's Clip Archive features previews and download links for over 3000 free clips created by forum members at, by, by particleIllusion software from wondertouch and by and

Everyone loves countdown clips and I'm no exception. Instead of looking for them from elsewhere, I bought 75 watch faces, took pictures of them, and am using them to make my own countdown clocks. I'll share them with you as I make them (they are usually 640x480), with perhaps something on them to personalize them. Click on a picture to view it. Right click and select 'Save Target as' to download a copy:

Countdown - 1

12 second countdown. A single watch face with a green background that has my URL on it.

Countdown - 2

12 Second Countdown. 3 watch faces, accented with the cover of the 'Do Amazing Things' book.

Countdown - 3

12 Second Countdown. A watch face wrapped around a sphere, a weird one.

Countdown - 4

12 Second Countdown. Green background with cuckoo audio.... with the Do Amazing Things book cover and URL.

Countdown - 5

12 Second Countdown. Made from an iTunes visualization and a cell phone ring.

Video Hosting Services

See Microsoft's "How To: Be an Expert" tutorial for some information about online hosting services. There's a link to it on the Onlone... Tutorials page.

Website Exhibitions - Personal and Professional

Links to those willing to share their online videos: Be the next to offer.

Post links to your productions, or view what others have posted on the Share Your Movie Forum... at Windows Movie Makers.